Specific and made-to-measure product range

Your solution of made-to-measure masts

Whatever type of support you need, Technimast will be able to offer you the ideal solution which will meet all your project requirements.
Masts, towers, sign posts, brackets, frames, accessories etc… Our teams work from design to installation. We carry out complete studies of your supports and ensure that our products are effective.
Technimast simplifies your project by designing the product you need.
All our products are hot-dip galvanised to EN ISO-1461 and/or powder-coated in standard RAL or AKZO NOBEL. What’s more, whether you need, a single piece or hundreds, there will be no problem. That’s one of the many advantages of working with us.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a study of your project. (contact us)

Solution de mâts sur-mesure par Technimast
Des produits spécifiques et sur-mesure

"Mobiltech": Mobile video-protection mast for industry

Mobiltech nomad mast has been designed to be easily carried and moved.
It’s ideal for video-monitoring areas that regularly change location, such as waste collection centres.
This video surveillance pole is supported by its above-ground concrete base, so it can be
moved as often as you need. It is designed for outdoor use, respects the vibration constraints of cameras and can be transported safely and stably using a simple forklift truck.
In the same family as its urban cousin Technomade, it’s the perfect solution wherever the
areas to be video protected change frequently.

Le dispositif anti-escalade Technimast

Technimast anti-climb device :

Anti-climb collar, both ways up and down (see picture) ; it may also be manufactured as one way anti-climb collar.

This device will be especially designed to be installed on previously existing masts, whatever the diameter or the colour of the pole.

This anti-climb harrow may also be included in any TECHNIMAST global offer as it is suitable to our whole range of masts.

As a complement for this anti-climb device and for a higher security of the sensors, our protective hoop will be installed at the pole bottom and resist the so-called battering ram.

This peripheral accessory, either standard or made to measure gives an optimal solution against vandalism, when added to the anti-climb collar.

echnimast conçoit et réalise pour les intégrateurs, des mâts support d’aérogénérateurs de 1 à 36 kw

A technical support Team for tailor made products:

Technimast works on a daily basis with its customers, installers and integrators. Our in-house design office develops bespoke technical products, either per unit or in large numbers.
We are often asked to find a solution to a particular problem; here, for example, is a side arm to be adapted to an existing square mast. Supported on a close vertical plane, this made-to-measure structure is adjustable in height and width. It significantly increases the stability of the existing pole, avoiding to replace it.

Tailored-made technical product: the manufacture of a translating and rotating console

This console is the perfect example of what Technimast can develop and manufacture. In order to meet precise shooting requirements and to ease the sensors maintenance, our design office has created this made-to-measure support:
Here, on test, in our warehouse, this camera turret bracket console respects the vibratory constraints of the cameras. Technimast knows how to design and create unique models in response to equally unique problems.


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