The specialist in masts and technical supports for urban, industrial and nuclear environments.

Since 2012, Technimast company has been designing, manufacturing and marketing masts
and technical support
s for a variety of uses: video protection, signage, lighting, sound
systems, telecommunications and many others
. Our expertise is nationally recognised,
thanks to our cutting-edge technical know-how and constant innovation. Its primary
objective is to combine stability, ease of installation and aesthetics in each of its products.
Technimast founding idea is to offer designers, installers and operators masts, brackets and
technical supports that are scrupulously adapted to the specifications of the carried
We work in a wide range of sensitive sectors, including military and nuclear sites, airports,
etc., demonstrating our skills and mastery of technical constraints. Urban sites also account
for a large proportion of our customer base. This versatility makes us a valuable partner.

An in-house R&D unit to support your project

Using a range of tools, Technimast Research and Development office works with you to
design and define the technical support best suited to your needs. It then models and checks
the stability of the product before providing you with a general principle plan. A precise
calculation note and a foundation plan complete the file. Everything is studied to provide
you with the ideal technical support.

Personalised support, from design to delivery

Technimast is involved from the personalised technical study right through to the delivery of
your technical support. Responsive and professional, we listen to our customers and their
constraints to find the most appropriate solution together. As far as delivery is concerned,
we offer various means of transport, including unloading, depending on your requirements:
courier service, chartering, lorry cane. Whether in France or abroad, we are at your side.

Quality production tailored to your needs

Because these masts and technical supports are intended for specific devices, Technimast
has wanted to provide an extra guarantee of safety by using quality materials in their design.
Our products are manufactured in Europe by 4 partner factories. They have been carefully
selected on the basis of their specialisation and rigour in product development. And whether

you need a single unit or a hundred or even a thousand, Technimast has the capacity to
meet your needs.

French expertise

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