TECHNIMAST manufactures a wide range of masts for cameras mounting.

For city or industrial environments, or sensitive sites, these masts are designed to limit the impact of strong winds on images quality.

TECHNIMAST also manufactures brackets and wall consoles for all kinds of sensors.


Technimast conçoit, fabrique et commercialise depuis 2012 des mâts et des supports techniques dédiés à la vidéo protection
Technimast propose une gamme complète de mât pour vidéosurveillance qui sont adaptés aux contraintes spécifiques des produits portés


Cityprotect video range

– Cylinder-conical poles from de 3 to 12 m for deployment of cameras and / or Wi-Fi antennas in city environment

– Stiffened base plate with flange interaxial 200×200 or 300×300
– Visit door with optimized size
– Pointing control complying with standard 60068-2-6
– Many options : powder coating, secured screws, stainless steel base, obturation cap, etc.

CityProtect anti-vandal Range

– Cylindro-conical masts from 3 to 12 m with additional safety for cameras and/or Wi-Fi antennas deployment in sensitive areas
– Fire resistant sleeve to protect fibre from fire vandalism

– High location to secure access cover
– Many accessories available such as anti-climb guard, stickleback, mechanical protections, mast foot, …

CityProtect mixed Range ep/vs

– Cylindro-conical poles from 3 to 12 m, designed to receive both street lighting and video on the same support
– Adherence to technical specificities for camera steadiness
– Designed to easily replace a previous lighting mast
– Aestheticism customizable to each town choice

Easy Access BPC Tilting Mast

– Mast from 6 à 18 m, tilting by central pivot, no need for an aerial bucket to reach the camera
– This is possible with rope or manual winch
– Cameras stability is adjusted to mechanical strains
– Fluet balanced in the factory according to the cameras weight

Technomade, nomadic mast

– Nomadic masts, height 6 m for temporary events surveillance : allows temporary and secure moving of a camera or Wi-Fi antenna
– Protected off the ground basement
– Easy handling
– Cameras stability adjusted to mechanical strains

PeriProtect Range

– Mast designed for thermal camera, radar, scanner, for perimeter protection
of industrial or sensitive sites
– Specific study for each project to define height and design
– Reinforced stability, optimized safety for sensors
– Connexion accessories upon request

Consoles and Brackets

– Wall Consoles or on mast, protrusion 0.5 to 1.5 m for cameras or antennas
– Improved stability

Transmission Mast

– Monopolar mast or reticulated pylon from 12 to 30 m, designed for the deployment of antennas at the top, or for the mounting of surveillance turrets
– Many accessories available such as : vertical bars, parrot scale, platforms etc.…


– Anti climbing device

– Protective hoops

– Anchor bolts

– Connexion device
– Plug


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